Saturday, September 1, 2007

Learning Spanish / Teaching English

Having spent a year here in Patzcuaro mastering the art of buying food at the market and explaining why I'm here in Spanish, I wanted to branch out a bit and try to learn some more. My classes at CELEP are great, but there's nothing like sitting with a cup of tea, some home-made brownies, and a beautiful view and just chatting it up with local folks that are as well struggling to learn English.

We created the Intercambio Cafe with an eye towards enabling more and more informal opportunities for locals, ex-pats and visitors to learn about each other and help each other out now and then.

Come join us on Wednesdays from 5pm - 7pm - it's free. Just bring an open mind, a hunkering for home-made (American-style) cookies, a few pesos to tip the set-up, clean-up crew, and a sense of humor. We're meeting at Pueblo Magico at Ibarra #81, just three blocks from the Plaza Grande.