Friday, September 1, 2006

Building Your Dream House in Patzcuaro

If you're like me, you will end up buying a property that is, well, far from inhabitable.

We were lucky enough to meet an architect/general contractor during our real estate search, and decided to just hire him (and pay him in 3 easy installments) to run the whole show. Luis Stamatio, from Re/Max, built our house, and it is truly beautiful.

We learned a lot in the process, including the importance of having an honest and competent general contractor. This person is often called the "numero uno" on the project. Because we paid for a complete package (under the delusion, I suppose, that this would make us less micro-managing and neurotic), our general contractor had a tremendous about of responsibility and power. When his staff (engineer, interior designer, foreman, etc) fell behind schedule, or did something we didn't like, we only had to deal with one person. Unfortunately for our house, our general contractor fired both his engineer and his interior designer towards the end of the project, which caused us a few months delay as well as some shotty workmanship that had to be redone.

Thankfully, our foreman was a saint and helped us tremendously. We adored him so much, that we have helped him expand his work to general contracting, and partner up with us and his architect brother, to found R&R Construction.

So here's the plug, we can now help you build your dream house here in Patzcuaro.

Under the auspices of Patzcuaro Property and R&R Construction, we offer a variety of services, including:

Architectural Drawings
Our architect will work with you to choose an appropriate layout for your dream house, making sure it meets your functionality and personality requirements.

Weekly Reports
Via reports by the general contractor, we will send you weekly updates (in English) with digital photos to report on the progress of the construction and make sure things are coming together as you envisioned. There is usually room to make modifications and we will do our best to meet your every expectation.

Interior Design
Our interior design team will work with you to choose bathroom and kitchen tiling and cabinetry, doors and windows, & floors and patios...and even your furniture, decorations and appliances if you'd like.

In partnership with Mexatua Designs, we are building a variety of websites that highlight local stores, design websites, and pictures and suggestions for books to get you started. We are also happy to work with your own designer.

Costs and payments for the above-mentioned services will reflect your comfort zone. We can create a single lump sum payment for all services rendered, an "a la carte" system where you will be involved in every purchasing decision, or something in between.